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People drowning in their own Kool-Aid

The top two letters on today’s editorial page make manifest that The Silly Season is indeed upon us.  The writer of one letter gacked up a hairball of discontent, but it’s the other that brings to mind, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

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People drowning in large numbers

The first letter to the editor in today’s Sun makes an entirely commendable point–Florida’s state budget has a billion dollar surplus and the governor wants to throw (pardon the expression) a drop in the bucket at the problem of Florida’s polluted, depleted springs–and yet the letter’s so incredibly sad on so many levels.

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City election 2014 – First look

As of January 19 there are 8 announced candidates for 3 seats on the ballot in this spring’s Gainesville City Commission election. The qualifying period ends at noon on Friday, January 24th, so we’ll know then exactly whose names will appear on the March 11 ballot.

I’ll discuss the races in terms of the electability scale I came up with for my essay So Ya Wanna Be a Commissioner?  I’ll go into detail about the candidates’ scores after the qualifying period ends.

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Chomsky UF ICYMI

(That’s text-speak for “in case you missed it”)

Noam Chomsky was in Gainesville in October last year for the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Civic Media Center.  Video of his appearance at the UF Performing Arts Center is available at  It runs about two hours, but you don’t have to watch it all in one session.

Speaking of Chomsky’s appearance, has he ever been seen with photographer Annie Liebovitz?  Hmmm…  A little makeup…  A wig…  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…


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What’s new…

2020/02/07 – The Sun also sets relates the latest sad misstep in our local paper’s slow, steady decline.

2019/11/21 – Endorse me, endorse my dog bemoans how our local governments have become a self-perpetuating clique of the cool kids.

2019/11/21 – Free the news! reveals how to get around some of the paywalls and article-count restrictions blocking your access to popular news sites.

Oh, I almost forgot: I have no control over the ads. WordPress inserts them automatically, based on what? I don’t know.

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