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County elections 2014 – A case of Koch

Remember those news reports about the “Honoring our veterans” rally at a local motorcycle dealership in early June? Kinda? Vaguely?

Maybe you glossed over it, thinking, “It’s just another veteran’s group and just another post-Memorial Day celebration? Well, think again.

The event was staged by an “organization” called Concerned Veterans for America. If the reporters had bothered to Google that name and its operatives, they would’ve found that it’s just another ultra-right-wing 501(c)(4) front for the Koch brothers’ massive propaganda empire. It’s not an accident they turned up here, nor that the featured local speakers were hometown Tea Party favorites Ted Yoho and Susan Baird.

CVA targeted our area for a reason: the Koch brothers care about Ted Yoho and are keeping an eye on his district. If Democrat Marihelen Wheeler’s campaign begins to pose a credible threat to Yoho’s reelection, expect to see some outside intervention on Yoho’s behalf, just like CVA is doing elsewhere.

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Also see Florida CVA director Stephen Flanagan’s post on an ultra-right blog for CVA/Tea Party connections

Still not convinced there’s a Koch-a-Yoho connection?  Check this out.


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County election 2014 – Primary post-mortem

Sorry for not posting anything earlier about yesterday’s primary elections, but they were just too boring for me to get motivated. Anyway, here’s my post-mortem on the county commission and congressional races.

Harvey Ward sailed into office with the backing of the local Democratic Executive Committee’s political steamroller. OH, WAIT! That’s NOT what happened! How can that be???!!!!

First off, Ward may not have crossed the electability threshold I’ve described elsewhere. But more importantly, he completely ignored the first rule of running against an incumbent: you have to give voters a reasonable doubt that the incumbent should automatically be returned to office. Unless you do that at the outset, nothing else matters. Period.

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