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Attack of the bots?

The Sunday late news anchor on TV20 just read the wrap-up on a story about a house “far from the ‘kuh-BOT’ superfund site.”

Give her a break – she’s only been here for a year or so.

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Alexander Sha-Na-Na

I know you know who I mean:  THAT guy. The one who looks like he’s trying to fling the slime off his hands, but it just isn’t working.
His ads are everywhere on the TV – news, game shows, late night…
If you’re like me, you can’t grab the remote fast enough when he comes on, except I can’t decide whether to put it on mute or just hurl it through the screen.
Then yesterday I noticed this:

In the last shot of the ad, in the fine print near the bottom of the disclaimer: “Alexander Shunnarah is not licensed to practice law in the state of Florida.”

Really? Get a job!

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