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Attack of the bots?

The Sunday late news anchor on TV20 just read the wrap-up on a story about a house “far from the ‘kuh-BOT’ superfund site.”

Give her a break – she’s only been here for a year or so.

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New dogs, old tricks

Yes, as if to prove my point in the previous post about  “puppyhood and high turnover,” TV20 already has a new litter of puppies and they seem to be fresh from the shelter.

One of the whelps was assigned to the City Commission’s swearing-in ceremony. He reported that new, just-sworn-in commissioner Craig Carter was designated Mayor Pro-tem. (Had no clue that that never happens to a commissioner who hasn’t sat through even one complete meeting yet, nor, apparently, can he tell the difference between Craig Carter and Todd Chase, the real Mayor Pro-tem.)

And just today (5/30) on the “Nooze at Nyoone” (that’s really how they say it) another newborncaster read about a man who’d been charged with “lewd and luh-vay-shus” behavior.  (I have to write it phonetically since it’s not a real word.)  She exuded the same innocent self-confidence as a puppy that’s just peed on the carpet.  Wow.  Sad.  And funny.  At the same time.

Ahhh, puppies.  So cute.  How can anyone be mad at them?


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