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City election 2014 – Just the facts

The purpose of this post is simply to present my data summaries of the 2014 Gainesville City Commission campaign and elections.  (All downloads are in PDF format.)

This isn’t the raw data – you can get that at the Supervisor of Elections website. And that was where I started.

As for the election results, I grouped the precincts by the four city commission districts.  That wasn’t hard and it makes the voting patterns much clearer.

March 11 primary election results

April 8 run-off election results

On the other hand, I put in a lot of work on the contributor reports, as I hope  you’ll see.  Contributors are grouped by family and/or business interests, and ranked by their total amount contributed.  The reports also show a cumulative total of the amount of money contributed, so that you can see, for example, how much was the total contribution from the top 20 donor groups.

To my knowledge this has never been done before locally, or at least not made publicly available.

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