Candidates get their teabags caught in a wringer

It was all so predictable–the local Democratic party sends out a mailer endorsing their favorites in the three City Commission races and depicting their main opponents as favorites of the local Tea Party.

“A flat out lie,” Craig Carter calls it.  The Tea Party does not formally endorse, insists Tea Party president Laurie Newsom [emphases added].

(Here’s a link to the Gainesville Sun article, “Democratic campaign mailer causes a stir at forum“.)

It reminds me of an old country saying and an old joke.

The saying: If you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yips is the one that was hit.

You see, as I described elsewhere, the first thousand dollars that came into Carter’s campaign was from Tea Party activists Kathy and Tom Benton and Republican State Representative Keith Perry. (See Carter’s campaign  report here.)

Other Tea Party notables among his contributors include Carolyn Yoho, Annette Armstrong, Laurie Newsom, Rod Gonzalez, and County Commissioner Susan Baird.

The joke is about the senator who’s off campaigning in his home state.   He gets a frantic call from someone on his staff in D.C., “Senator, you gotta come right back to Washington–they’re tellin’ awful lies about you up here!”

And the senator says, “I got a bigger problem than that, boy – they’re telling the truth about me down here!”

(And here’s the link to Laurie Newsom’s post on where she says “please plan to attend this meeting for Annie Orlando… If you cannot attend then please donate to her campaign.”)

(Likewise, here’s the non-endorsement of Craig Carter.)

But there’s no endorsement! It’s all just a coincidence…

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