A blame to end all blame

Today’s sophomorons sadly don’t merit full quotation.  The last letter on the editorial page bemoans Americans in general allegedly believing

If something bad happens, somebody somewhere is to blame

and recommends

The best solution is for people to stop blaming everyone in sight

all the while squarely affixing the blame for all the blaming on lawyers.  (Except for his own blaming, we must assume. Unless he is a lawyer.)

The other sophomoron can’t resist chiming in with the comment:

…you are 100% correct…So much dribble [sic] from so many wealthy lawyers…Not to mention the dishonest doctors, osteopaths, and chiropractors…

he drools, identifying yet more culprits (other than himself, of course) in the blame-o-rama, no proof needed, other than the consensus of their fellow sophomorons.  (Somebody get these guys a mirror.)

We can only hope they take a cue from that great American philosopher, Ron White: “Next time you have a thought, let it go.”

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