Baby, it’s scold Eastside

Today’s sophomoronic editorial appears as a comment to an unoffensive report on the SFC business incubator signing its first tenant.  The center is on the east side of Gainesville, and the tenant chose it “because he wanted to serve people in the community who might have nothing to do with either college and who aren’t necessarily working with technology.”

Apparently, that was enough to push the button of a certain sophomoron.  He writes

Call me whatever but I am so tired if [sic] earing [sic] about “East Gainesville.” Businesses and people don’t want to be there because of [sic] they feel unsafe de [sic] to the amount of unemployment, un-employability and crime (theft and drugs) that plague the east side. That has to change from within. Get the parents and children to lern [sic] a better life exists and you have to stay in school, not get pregnant and work hard. You can through [sic] all the money in the world at places like that but as long as the mentality is centered on instant gratification and the idea that “my
circumstances are the fault of others” and “I am entitled to get all of the free assistance available to me because of it” it will not change. You may as well through [sic] that money down the drain. Your part is not give [sic] money, your part is to influence their decision making ability to want to change and make a better life for them selves [sic].

A comment on the comment sarcastically asks

“Through the money down the drain?”

But I say, hey, give the guy some credit.  It’s hard to spell when you have to type by dragging your knuckles around on the keyboard.

BTW,  according to the guy’s public Facebook page, his only favorite movie is Dumb & Dumber To.  Kinda says all there is to say, doesn’t it?

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